Organization - Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff is a senior officer within the wing and is responsible to the Wing Commander. For the Commander and Vice Commander they shall:
  • Keep the Command Staff informed of outstanding staff issues requiring resolution.
  • Coordinate facilities, equipment and transportation for meetings.
  • Provide updates regarding staff regularly, highlighting any urgent issues to include recurring reports (both statistical and after-action).
  • Oversee development, coordination and implementation of supplements.
For the Wing Staff (other than direct reports to CC and VC) they shall:
  • Serve as coordinator for information flow, assignments and staff development. Insure staff compliance with regulations and headquarters policies.
  • Articulate Commander’s policy into specific staff action items.
  •  Provide necessary tools for accomplishment of duties, equipment, supplies, and training.
  • Provide guidance and resolve issues between staff divisions and directorates.
  • Assist with proper allocation and best use of resources for staff support.
  • Serve as an advocate for staff, articulate the needs of the staff for command actions or policy development.
  • Ensure staff directorates remain in compliance with current Inspector General guidelines.
  •  Recommend changes, modifications, organizational, plans, policies and procedures.
  • Serve as a member of the Wing Finance Committee.
  • Ensure staff directorate develop and manage their budgets process.