From CAPR 20-1: Responsible for the overall financial management of the unit. They shall:

  • Administer all funds.
  • Maintain all financial records.
  • Maintain bank accounts.
  • Pay all outstanding accounts.
  • Indorse all negotiable instruments.
  • Prepare all financial reports.
  • Prepare annual budget.

The finance officer should be familiar with CAP regulations in the 173 series and CAPP 202.

From CAPR 173-1

8. Unit Finance Officer. Each unit below wing level will assign a finance officer. New unit commanders must appoint a finance officer in writing within 30 days of assuming command and provide this information in writing to the wing director of finance. The unit finance officer may not be a paid employee. Further, the unit commander may not serve as the unit finance officer. A paid employee may perform bookkeeping duties under the supervision of the unit finance officer. The unit finance officer will reconcile the unit’s accounts with the report provided by the wing director of finance at least once per quarter.



CAP purchases, for it's own use, are exempt from Florida Sales Tax. The following are the Wing's guidelines for use of the sales tax exemption:

1. Florida Wing, CAP is exempt from Florida sales tax ONLY when purchases are made directly by Florida Wing. The Sales Tax exemption certificate may not be used for purchases made by members, even though they are going to be reimbursed by Civil Air Patrol. Florida Statutes 212.085 makes it a third degree felony to use the certificate to evade payment of sales taxes.

2. If any unit wants to make a tax exempt purchase, the invoice must be paid by Florida Wing utilizing a routine check request, or by an advance request for a check made payable directly to the vendor.

3. Wing Staff may utilize Wing credit cards when authorized by this document (FMPs), an advance check, or submit an invoice for payment directly by Wing HQ. They may not use the tax certificate when paying from personal funds, even if reimbursement will be requested.

Lt Col David M. Auerbach, CAP

Florida Wing Director of Finance

(H) 561.200.7787

(C) 561.267.4603

U.S. Air Force Auxiliary