Maj Gary A Dahlke

Maj Gary A Dahlke
Director of Aerospace Education
Florida Wing, CAP
(15 May 2015)

Maj Gary A. Dahlke serves as Director of Aerospace Education for Florida Wing, as well as Aerospace Education Officer (AEO) for the 267th Composite Squadron.  Maj Dahlke joined Civil Air Patrol in October 2002, primarily as a result of having been asked to give a guest presentation to CAP cadets at Patrick AFB as part of the Air Force Space Command Familiarization Course.  The experience left such an impression on him that he was motivated to join CAP.  He has since joined the staff of that particular national activity and continues to serve as a key member.  He also serves on the staff at the CAP National AEO School.

Maj Dahlke is an Air Force veteran, having served nearly eight years on active duty in the fields of Ballistic Missile Maintenance, and Command and Control.  He also has over four years of active participation in the Air Force Reserve.  He is the recipient of the Air Force Achievement Medal and numerous other military decorations, as well as the Air Force Senior Missileer badge.  Maj Dahlke is also a long time life member of the Air Force Association (AFA).

Maj Dahlke’s entire civilian career has been spent in the aerospace industry.  During his college senior year, he was hired by Martin-Marietta Astronautics Group of Denver, Colorado to perform payload integration activities for the Titan IV launch vehicle.  In 1992 he relocated to Brevard County, Florida and was subsequently hired by the Pratt & Whitney Division of United Technologies to support their contract to refurbish the reusable solid rocket boosters for the Space Shuttle.  He continued in various assignments within the Shuttle program virtually to its conclusion, having helped prepare Orbiter Vehicle 105 (Endeavour) for its final trip into space.  After the Shuttle program, he was hired by NASA as a consultant to help implement Kennedy Space Center’s Rocket University program.


1988:  Associate of Applied Science, Community College of the Air Force
1989:  Bachelor of Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
2000:  Master of Aeronautical Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


Frank G. Brewer Award, Commander’s Commendation, Achievement, Grover Loening, Benjamin O. Davis, Charles E. Yeager, Unit Citation, and others.  Also two-time recipient of Florida Wing Aerospace Education Circle Of Excellence Award.


October 2002 to present:  Squadron Aerospace Education Officer
July 2004 to May 2012:  Group Aerospace Education Officer
June 2005 to January 2009:  Squadron Commander
June 2007 to April 2015:  Wing Deputy Director of Aerospace Education
April 2015 to present:  Wing Director of Aerospace Education


April 2003:  Second Lieutenant
June 2004:  Captain (Special Appointment for Exceptional Qualifications)
December 2012:  Major

Updated: 15 May 2015