Publications and Forms

Link to National Forms and view Florida Wing Forms.
Definition: A form is a tool used for the collection, recording, and/or extraction of information whereby a predetermined set of data fields have been established and defined to meet a definitive CAP purpose or objective. All forms, regardless of the issuing headquarters, must be prescribed in an official directive publication.
Link to National Regulations/Manuals and view Florida Wing supplements.
Definition: "Supplements" are auxiliary publications that augment higher headquarters directives and apply to all members of the issuing headquarters and all subordinate units.
Link to National Regulations/Manuals and view Florida Wing pamphlets.
Definition: "Pamphlets" are nondirective, informative, "how-to" type publications that may include suggested methods and techniques for implementing CAP policies.
View Florida Wing Operational Instructions (OIs).
Definition: "Operating Instructions" announce local policies or procedures, and direct actions of a local nature within one unit (charter number) or office.
View Florida Wing Administrative Authorizations (PAs).
Definition: "Administrative Authorizations" are official, formally published documents that authorize specific services and actions. They include: Transportation Authorization (TA); Military Support Authorization (MSA); Personel Authorization (PA); Participation Letter (PL).