Flight Release Process Refresher Training

The training is straight forward and should not take longer than 10 - 15 minutes to complete and may be taken as an individual or in a group setting. 

This training is to be completed by all personnel involved in the Flight Release process, to include, but not limited to: Flight Release Officers, Commanders, Deputy/Vice Commanders, Directors of Operations, STAN/EVAL Officers, Emergency Services Officers, all Incident Commanders and Pilots...

The training addresses a weakness in our flight release process and is intended to ensure that no flight activity occurs without a proper flight release.

-- All personnel involved in the Flight Release process complete the training and acknowledge that completion to the Wing CC or designated representative by 28 March 2014. 

OBJECTIVE: Correct, safe and effective flight release process.

SUSPENSE: Complete training by 28 March 2014.

STEP 1:   If you haven't done so already, click on this link and review the slides FRO Slides

**References from slide #10 can be found below: