HURCON 3: Issued 48 hours before earliest possible arrival of 50-knot (58 mph) winds.

1. ALL: Ensure that all HURCON 4 actions are complete.


2. DC: Activate Group Hurricane Net (Attachment 2).


3. CAP Facilities/Asset Managers:

a. Begin hurricane preparations, on corporate assets, i.e., secure windows, doors,etc.

b. Secure and/or remove any CAP computers and associated data.

c. Cover all electrical equipment with plastic sheets/covers,elevate if possible.

d. Remove loose articles from desks, turn bookcases against inside walls,move furniture away from windows and doors. Lower blinds and close.

e. Park CAP vehicles where and when directed, ensure antenna/exterior equipment clearance in any parking garage/area.


4. GroupCommanders/Operations Officers:

a. Once instructed, relocate CAP aircraft and/or vehicles as directed by FLWG/DO or Incident Commander.

b. Deploy emergency services personnel and assets as directed.

c. Notify higher HQ of potential for mutual aid requirements; remember all tasking must come from the Incident Commander assigned by the wing.

d. Cancel all scheduled CAP meetings and activities until Group(s) return to NORMAL OPERATIONS

e. Ensure SITREPs from squadrons are collected and forward to FLWG as directed.


5. ALL: Review HURCON 2 actions.