Aircraft Maintenance

Our Mission

The Maintenance Officer exercises staff supervision and coordination of all wing aircraft maintenance in the following areas:

  • Makes recommendations to the commander for the improvement of the maintenance program.

  • Ensures that aircraft are painted and identified in accordance with current directives.

  • Ensures that aircraft are maintained in an airworthy condition in accordance with FAA requirements.

Duties of the Aircraft Maintenance Officer

  • Manage the wings aircraft maintenance program to ensure that the assets assigned by Cap National Headquarters are maintained in a safe, airworthy and reliable condition.
  • Provide liaison between the Consolidated Maintenance Facility, Local Units and CAP NHQ\LGMA.
  • Ensure CAPR 66-1 is adhered to as closely as possible.
  • Routinely track aircraft and engine inspection times, dates etc through real time data base.
  • Establish and maintain standardized aircraft checklist for each individual aircraft.
  • Report monthly flying hours to the FLDO and complete the required monthly CAPF 18 to NHQ.
  • Provide training on an ongoing basis pertaining to aircraft maintenance.
  • Track all aircraft to ensure that all Airworthiness Directives and Mandatory Service bulletins are complied with in the required time frame.
  • Conduct an annual Maintenance Clinic where several subjects are trained and all the wing aircraft are inspected. Those that qualify are awarded the Aircraft Excellence Award (ACE).
  • Ensure all aircraft status is kept up to date in the WMU and WIMRS.
  • Monitor and document the transfer and or swapping of aircraft with in the wing

Duties of the Assistant Aircraft Maintenance Officers

  • Assist in the Wing Aircraft Maintenance and Quality Control Program.
  • Assist in the annual update\grades of the GPS data bases for the GX55 and G1000.
  • Organize, track and monitor the aircraft for the National Flight Academy and National Emergency Services Academy.

Standardized Aircraft Information File (new AIF Booklets)

CAPR 60-1, para 2-4e requires that all CAP aircraft have a standardized Aircraft Information File. A few pages were recently changed at the request of the wings. All of the updated pages are clearly marked and available for download at: standardized Aircraft Information File

Aircraft Aids

Aircraft Flight Time Log

National Forms (Word)

National Forms (PDF)