2015 Florida Wing ES Academy (FLESA)

 2015 Florida Wing ES Academy (FLESA)


The 2015 Florida Wing ES Academy (FLESA) will be held 26 Dec to 1 Jan at the Avon Park Air Force Range. The areas of training are as listed below. All participants will be responsible to bring ALL Items on the provided list (SEE BELOW). We will be sleeping in the Barracks except for those doing GTM1 & 2 in which there is a field portion where you will be camping out and self-sufficient for the required 48 or 72 hours. You must bring your own bedding or sleeping bag for the barracks to include pillow. ALL packs will be checked for the proper content so make sure you check them prior to departing home.  Please download the Pack listings so you can verify that you have everything and bring them with you to the Academy. Meals for those not bivouacking will be provided in the Mess Hall. Day 2 of the Academy will be dedicated to CPR/First Aid Training.

Cost will be $100 per person and checks are made payable to :

Florida Wing CAP  
They are to be mailed to :
LtCol Willard Garman
1118 59th Ave Cir E
Bradenton, FL  34203

Prerequisites (NO EXCEPTIONS):
Level one for senior members to include CPPT.
Curry achievement for cadets and encampment.
The proper prerequisites are listed on the SQTR for the rating you will be training for.
Instructors must be current in their specialty and SET authorized.
ALL members must have completed the required ICS Courses (100,200,700 Etc). Check your SQTR’s.
ALL members must have a copy of the Task Book for your rating that you are training for (Available thru Vanguard).

CADETS: Download, fill out, and get approved the
                 Click to download. Bring with you to the ES Academy.


Other Pertinent Information: Contact LTC Willard Garman at   wgarman@flwg.us

/resources/site1/General/Equipment List.pdf

/resources/site1/General/Directions to FLESA.pdf 

/resources/site1/General/FLESA Compund.pdf