Application for CAP Driver License

- Go to main menu in eServices - Click on Operations - Select Operations Qualifications - Click on Driver’s License - Enter CAP ID - Enter dates as requested - Scan driving record to a PDF file, upload the file where indicated, upload driving record. There must be a past three years of driving history required and not older than 90 days. - Scan front and back of your driver’s license on one PDF file, then upload - Click on Sedan, 7 passenger , 8 passenger, 9 passenger, and 12 passenger only - Click submit , bottom left of page - After submission is completed, send an email through the squadron commander to the group commander - Either the group commander or designated representative will review the documents in Ops. Qual. and if approved will forward to FLWG Transportation for approval. Member is not to forward copies of their driver license and driving history to the next individual in the approving chai. Once FLWG approves the license, you will need to print out a new 101 card. This will show the vehicles you are licensed for. Any questions, feel free to email, call or fax.