CAP Driver License for FLWG

The approving authority for driver licenses in FLWG is Florida Wing Transportation Officers,
Lt. Col. Jim Spieth, Major Nancy Spieth and Lt. Bill Leszczynski.
All applications for licenses are to be submitted to Lt. Bill Lesaczysnki at .
The following items need to be submitted:
1. FLWG Form 3 - to obtain the form go to the bottom of this page to FLWG FORM 3 20130402.doc
2. Photo copy (pdf format) of the member's Florida Driver's License (front & back); must be readable.
3. A copy of a current state driving history for the past three years.
A copy of the FLWG Form 3 will be forward to the Group Commander/Supervising Staff Officer for their approval. The group commander/supervising staff officer will then forward the FLWG Form 3 to FLWG TO, or jspieth1944@gmail.comwith their concurrence or nonoccurrence.
Members/units are NOT; repeat NOT, to enter data into the National Driver License module.
Once FLWG LGT has processed the request and concurrence have been received and approved the application, FLWG LGT or representative will then enter data into the National module.
The member will then access Ops Quals in eServices to print their CAP Form 101.