Do I Report It

FYI. The following was received from Frank Jirik, National Safety, in response to a question asked by Lt Col Sage. Please share w/ your vehicle custodians/transportation/logistic/operations personnel. These are guidelines and should be used as such. The new Safety Management System (SMS) on e-services is excellent. Everyone needs to familiarize with it. Report a Mishap(1) is where the initial report is made. Key Point----No identifying information--i.e. names/CAPID/vehicle or tail #'s, units, etc.

If a member is pre-flight a van and finds damage, file a mishap. If they go to start it and the battery is dead, call maintenance, no need to file. If they repair the vehicle and they have an electrical failure while operating it, file it.

At the end of the day, rule of thumb, if it is in use and something breaks, it would be good to put it in the system. This helps track reliability which is especially important when the third axis comes into play (aircraft).

Flat tires should all be documented at this point because of the observed trends we have in vehicles and aircraft.

You can't over report, so if in doubt, put it in the database. If its marked MX, it won't show in the safety cue anyway and gives a place for our aircraft maintenance officer or transportation officer to document repairs. We can then pull vehicle and aircraft specific trends, but also look at system trends too.

The above are directions for the Florida Wing Chief of Staff.