Maintenance & Repairs for CAP Vehicles

  1. Contact the FLWG LG at: (239) 848-6341 prior to getting ALL corporate vehicle repairs and or maintenance to include EMERGENCY REPAIRS. This number is a Cell Phone and is turned on 24/7.
  2. All scheduled maintenance is outlined in Attachment #1, CAPR 77-1.
  3. Provide the FLWG LG with an printed estimate outlining the repairs or maintenance required.
  4. The FLWG LG will usually authorize the repair/service via telephone, based upon the cost of the repair/service.
  5. When the repair/service has been completed, have the Manager of the repair shop contact the FLWG LG by telephone and the bill will be paid.  The FLWG LG will provide instructions to the vendor on what documents are necessary to be faxed to: (239) 772-5930 or emailed to
  6. CAPR 77-1 requires that a copy of all receipts for scheduled maintenance be maintained in the Vehicle Log Book. This is in addition to the requirement to provide the FLWG LG the copies needed for payment/reimbursement.
  7. In all cases make sure you present the Sales Tax Exemption Certificate contained in your vehicle Log Book.
  8. We have preferred vendors who give FLWG Fleet Pricing.  They are Tire Kingdom, Tires Plus Pep Boys and Firestone.  Factory warranty repairs are conducted at an authorized dealership based upon the manufacturer of your vehicle.  Copies of the work-order must be emailed to the FLWG LG and a copy should be maintained in your vehicle log book for inspection.