Vehicle Reporting Procedure

Submit the monthly Vehicle Status Report (CAPF 73)

Every Unit & FLWG Staff member assigned a vehicle must report The usage monthly no later than 1800 hrs on the 5th of the month.
How Do I Report The Monthly Vehicle Usage? First, you must contact the FLWG LG at: and request access to the utility.  Once you receive the system generated email notifying you that you have been granted read and write permissions, use your CAPID and Password to enter e-services and select the vehicle usage reporting utility.  For the unit, select FL-001 on the data entry side of the screen (left side of the page). You will then need to select the vehicle Field ID which is a 5 digit number starting with 0.  You will also enter the month you want to report and the year.  The window will open and you will take the usage data from the CAPF-73 on the left and enter it into the appropriate windows.  You will also enter the ending miles.  Please check your work, make sure you are reporting the proper vehicle month and year.  If you already have the appropriate permissions, you can launch the utility all you have to do is: Click Here
In addition to the monthly on-line report stated above, it is the responsibility of the Vehicle Custodian to maintain a copy of each month's CAPF-73 for 1 years plus the current year and to email a copy of the CAPF-73 to the FLWG Transportation Officer at: or no later than 1800 hrs. on the fifth day of the month following the month being reported.

Please see an example of a completed CAPF 73 for van 08526.

Failure to report a vehicle by the above deadline can result in the vehicle being re-deployed to another unit.  Please see FLWG Supplement, CAPR-77-1
Where do I obtain a CAPF-73? Click Here