WEX Fleet Management Credit Card

VEHICLE FLEET MAINTENANCE CREDIT CARD (WEX) 1. FLWG now utilizes the VEHICLE FLEET MAINTENANCE CREDIT CARD (WEX) for routine maintenance/service of corporate owned vehicles. They are provided for payment of routine maintenance expenses on the assigned vehicle, up to $250.00 per service and a maximum of $500.00 per month. Allowable expenditures will include routine oil changes, wiper blades, batteries, towing etc. They are not intended to be used for major repairs, fuel, or any other type of expense. The credit card will be maintained in the vehicle log book, at all times, and used for only the vehicle for which they are assigned. Prior to a custodian/driver taking a vehicle in for maintenance they are to contact the Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Management Officer (FMMO) (A4) to inform him or her that a vehicle will be going in for maintenance. In addition they are to confirm that the servicing center will accept the WEX Fleet Credit Card. Custodians/drivers are to submit to the FMMO detailed paid receipts from the servicing facility within 72 hours of completion and payment for the service. If a vehicle is taken in for service and the estimated cost will exceed $250.00 then the custodian/driver must obtain a detailed estimate from the servicing center and have either the servicing center or the custodian/driver submit the estimate to the FMMO, who will then forward the estimate along with a CAPF 70 to National Headquarters, Logistics for approval. No work is to be accomplished for service in excess of $250.00 until after a Control Number is received from National Logistics. The FMMO will then use the FLWG Visa Card to make payment once work is completed. The WEX card is not to be used for invoices in excess of $250.00. 2. CUSTODIAL UNIT COMMANDER RESPONSIBILITIES: The custodial unit commander/responsible staff officer will receive the credit card FEDEX, signature required. The custodial unit commander is responsible for the vehicle credit card at all times and will insure that it is used only for the purpose intended. The WEX cards information will be entered in ORMS as an assignment to the vehicle. Whenever a vehicle is transferred, loaned or deployed to another entity/activity the transfer of responsibility MUST be documented on the FLWGF 73a, in the logbook. The OIC of activities will assume responsibility for all vehicles at the activity and their assigned Vehicle Maintenance Credit Cards. 3. CUSTODIAN/DRIVER RESPONSIBILITIES: After payment for maintenance service the custodian/driver will insure that a detailed listing of all services and parts used are provided clearly annotated on the invoice with the custodians/driver’s name, and CAPID number. The receipt must be clearly marked with the details of the purchase to include the date, location and vehicle bumper number. The invoices/receipt(s) will be forwarded to FLWG FMMO by email or FAX within 72 hours of mission completion. Email in pdf format is preferred. (See paragraph 8 for contact information.) 4. Failure to submit receipts/invoices in a timely manner (72 hours) will result in a charge to the custodian/driver’s unit of record, and deadline of the vehicle until the discrepancy is rectified. 5. Any credit card that is lost or stolen must be reported immediately to the credit card issuer, Wing Commander and A4. 6. Each custodian/driver will complete the proper entries in FLWG Form 73a for accountability for the vehicle they are driving and the assigned credit card. The FLWG Form 73a will remain in the log book until filled and then stored in the unit records along with completed CAP Form 73 for a period of one year from the last date on the FLWG Form 72a. 7. Personal use of the VEHICLE FLEET MAINTENANCE CREDIT CARD (WEX) is prohibited. The card is not to be used for purchase of fuel. It is only to be used for routine maintenance and road towing under $250.00. If a Control Number is received from National Logistics then the work can proceed and the FLWG FMMO will use the FLWG Visa Card to make the payment The Control Number and bumper number is to be place on the invoice. A single warning will be issued if the card is used for personal expenses. Subsequent use for personal expenditures will result in adverse action against the member. The intent to reimburse the wing is not justification to use for personal purchases. 8. CONTACT INFORMATION – Email and phone contact information may be found as the very first item in the log book, in front of TAB 1.   LOGISTICS A4 CONTACT INFORMATION This page is to be the first page in the vehicle log book in front of TAB 1 Florida Wing Logistics/Transportation/Vehicle Maintenance Management contact information A4 – Chief of Staff – Support Lt. Col. Jim Spieth Email:* jspieth@flwg.us or jspieth1944@gmail.com Phone: Cell: * 239 848-6341 or FAX 239 772-5930 A4 TO (Transportation Officer) Major Tec Thomas Email: * tthomas@flwg.gov Phone: Cell: * 350 933-2725 or Home: 301 322-8189 A4 – Fleet Maintenance Management Officer To be announced The items with an “*” are the primary contacts