Cadet Honor Society


The Florida Wing Cadet Honor Society was created in 1998 as part of the vision of then Chief of Staff, Lt Col Matthew Sharkey (later Florida Wing, then Southeast Region Commander). It is a program designed to recognize cadets who have excelled in Civil Air Patrol academics and achievement.


The purpose of the Cadet Honor Society (CHS) is to recognize academic excellence within the Cadet Program by allowing those cadets who've consistently demonstrated superior academic performance the opportunity to be recognized among their peers. This recognition helps provide additional motivation to achieve success and excellence in achievement testing. In addition to this recognition, cadets have the privilege of noting they are members of the Florida Wing Cadet Honor Society. This accomplishment will help cadets further their educational progression outside of Civil Air Patrol by identifying them as top performers from within the Cadet Program. CHS is an optional program but squadrons are highly encouraged to participate and support their cadets in earning this distinction.

Criteria for Induction

  1. Score 90% or better per achievement or milestone test for three consecutive achievements.
  2. For Achievements 2 through 7, the leadership and aerospace tests for the achievement must average to 90% or greater.
  3. Achievement 1 and milestone tests will stand by themselves.
  4. Only leadership tests will be used for Achievements 8 through 16.
  5. The 90% score is based on the first attempt only. Second attempt scores will not be considered.
  6. The cadet must be in good standing with Civil Air Patrol.
  7. There is no timeline; however, achievements must be passed at 90% or greater for consecutive achievements.

Application Process

  1. Download and complete the FLWG Form 501, Cadet Honor Society Inductee Application. This form should be completed electronically to the maximum extent posssible. Digital signatures are accepted where noted in the form. If the form cannot be completed entirely electronically, please ensure all hand written fields are in black ink, block letters, and legible after scanning.

  2. After unit commander (or deputy commander for cadets) approval is received, submit the form using the submission module below. Regardless if the form is completed entirely electronically, or has been printed and scanned, the below submission module must be used. Completed applications may be submitted by the cadet or the squadron; however, please ensure the information in the module below is for the cadet inductee not the person submitting the form.

  3. Please allow up to 60 days for processing. The certificate and shoulder cord will be sent to the unit for presentation to the cadet.

  4. For additional information or questions about a submitted CHS application, please e-mail