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How can we help you?

In addition to maintaining the flow of electronic information throughout the wing, the Information Technology Team is here to assist you!

We can assist you with:

Web Sites - Any Squadron, Group or Functional entity may request a website. The site will be a sub-domain of the Florida Wing Web Site. A group that wishes to maintain its own site is welcome to make it as large and complex as they wish. The Civil Air Patrol server is waiting for your unit to publish its own site. We can assist you with the process and walk you through the beginning steps. If you want just a Web Presence to which you may point other people, with items such as POC, meeting location, and meeting schedule, then Wing IT will create a one-page web site for you.

Forms and Certificates - We can create custom MS Word forms in form filling mode or in .pdf format.

EMail Accounts - We offer POP3, or IMAP accounts to all Wing members. To request an email account, submit a ticket to the Help Desk. Be sure to include your full name, CAPID, and a current email address where we can send your login information.

Mailing Lists - Any Squadron, Group or Functional entity may request one or more mailing lists to help with communication needs. Lists will be controlled by the unit, governing membership and message moderation.

Help Desk Assistance - If you have a question regarding this website or its features, the Florida wing email addresses, or how to register as a member onto this website -- email the Help Desk at

The Florida Wing eMail List System

The Florida Wing Mailing List system is the main instrument for disseminating information to the general and selective membership in a timely manner. For information on joining and using these lists, click here.

You will find many answers on the Frequently Asked Questions page -- click here Frequently Asked Questions

Recent articles and information by the IT staff:


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