Unit Websites at the Florida Wing.

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We are well into the second decade of the 21st century. Every form of communication and information involves the Internet. You are probably reading this article on the Web, or your iPad. CAP forms, pamphlets, regulations and training courses are accessible online. My barber and my dental hygienist have websites. Google, Amazon, Facebook exist because of the Web. I buy my Apps and music at the online Apple Store. In this environment every organization has to have a Web presence: that’s the store front or bank building of the 21st century. The public uses the internet: many members live on the internet. The new generation of cadets is very Internet savvy.
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The units need a professional looking website to face the public, to attract new members locally, to advertise who they are—their value to the community, and finally to solicit and obtain valuable contributions. The unit website also needs to be a resource for the unit members for information that is local as well as be an easy to use portal to the rest of the CAP online materials and organizational information.

For more information in obtaining a website for your squadron or group, contact the FLWG Website Coordinator at MIMotylSzary@FLWG.US.
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