Unit Commanders Course (UCC)

Sponsored by: Professional Development
Location: Sarasota, FL
Inclusive Date(s): 20-21 August 2016
Project Officer:

Maj Bill Hansen

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Event Description:

This course provides expert advice and guidance on leadership, management and ethics in a standardized format for the training of current and potential squadron & group commanders throughout the Civil Air Patrol. Squadron and group commanders are responsible for providing local leadership, administering programs, and managing the volunteer members in the field as they perform the critical missions of the Civil Air Patrol as well as provide support to the United States Air Force as the official Air Force Auxiliary. The UCC discusses the traits and skills new unit and group commanders will need to develop to effectively lead and manage their units. Topics include command responsibility and accountability, recruiting and retention, safety, how to work with families, management, leadership, communication, and elements of successful units and leaders.

Event Location:

The session will be held at the McClure Auditorium at SRQ Airport, Sarasota, FL, from 0800 to 1700.



Not applicable


Eligibility is as outlined in CAPR 50-17.


None. Highly recommend for all Squadron CC and Deputy CC who have not had this course and all squadron staff officers who contemplate becoming a Squadron Commander.

Application Procedure:


Not applicable.


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Members are responsible for their own transportation to and from the activity.


Local Lodging is available.


Members are responsible for their own meals during the activity. A one (1) hour lunch period each day will be allotted for lunch during the activity.


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