Specialty Track Professional Development Resources

Regulations, Pamphlets, and Manuals Related to Professional Development

Pamphlet 204 Specialty Track Guide- Professional Development Officer: This pamphlet guides professional development officers in their duties and activities required for movement through the ratings for the track.

CAPM 50-17: CAP Senior Member Training Program

CAPR 50-4: Test Administration and Security

CAPR 35-1: Assignment and Duty Status

CAPR 35-5: CAP Officer and Noncommissioned Officer Appointments and Promotions

CAPP 39-3: Award of CAP Medals, Ribbons, and Certificates

CAPM 52-16 Cadet Program Management

CAPR 52-10 CAP Cadet Protection Policy

CAPR 5-4 Publications and Blank Forms Management

CAPR 10-1 Preparing and Processing Correspondence

CAPP 151 Standard, Customs, and Courtesies

Forms Frequently Used by Professional Development Officers

CAPF 2a: Request for and Approval of Personnel Actions

CAPF 11: CAP Senior Program Director's Report Form

CAPF 12: Application for Senior Membership in CAP

CAPF 17: Application for Senior Member Activities

CAPF 23: Civil Air Patrol General Purpose Answer Sheet

CAPF 24: Application for Senior Program Awards

CAPF 30: Senior Training Level 1, CAP Orientation Course Test

CAPF 45 Senior Member Master Record

CAPF 46 Professional Development Course Materials Order Form