Cadet Uniform Program Instructions

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Civil Air Patrol Cadet Uniform Program Instructions

This program provides an opportunity for a new cadet to receive, at no cost to the cadet, a basic blue Air Force uniform, provided the unit commander approves the request and funds continue to be available in the program.

Cadets are responsible for purchasing the CAP accessories (name tag, ribbons, grade insignia, hat device, etc.) required for proper wear of the uniform. For CAP accessories, contact Vanguard at 1.800.221.1264.

Free uniform items must be returned (or replaced, if lost or damaged) to the local CAP unit in the event the cadet withdraws from the cadet program within the first year of membership. The parent/guardian assumes the responsibility on behalf of the minor child. The unit commander will make every reasonable effort to retrieve these uniform items. Uniforms received under this program will not be sold, rented or given to anyone other than CAP cadets.

Ordering Instructions

You must use e-Services ( to order your uniform under this Cadet Uniform Program. Once your membership application is processed, you will receive a membership card with your CAPID number. You should use the CAPID to log into e-Services, or you may use your Social Security Number.

Click on the "First time users” link and follow the instructions. Once you have established your account, log into e-Services and look for the "Cadet Uniform” link on the left side.

Click the "Cadet Uniform” link and follow the instructions to order a cadet uniform under this program. If you need help with sizing information, click on the male or female sizing charts. Commanders and Deputy Commander are authorized to input orders on behalf of the cadet.

Important Numbers

To check the status of your Cadet Membership application, contact NHQ CAP/LMM at 1.877.227.9142.

To check the status of your uniform order, contact the Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) at 1.800.527.2345. Be prepared to provide your CAPID.

To exchange a uniform item (s), return to:

Lackland Military Clothing Sales Store
1520 Kirkland, Bldg 6659
San Antonio, TX 78236

Questions about your exchange? Call 1.210.674.0190. You will need to include CAPID, name, address, phone number, and the size(s) you need. Do NOT call this number to check the status of your order (see above)!

Commander’s Actions

You are responsible for approving the cadet’s order. Log into e-Services and follow the "Cadet Uniform>>Approval” link in your restricted applications (look at the right side of your screen). Commanders will see a link under the Approvals section of Commander’s Corner as well. Uniform orders placed by the commander or deputy commander on behalf of the cadet are automatically approved.

You are responsible for administering this program. As a leader, you can go into e-Services and follow the "Cadet Uniform>>Reports” link in your restricted applications (look at the right side of your screen), to run a Cadet Uniform Program report at least quarterly. This report shows all cadets who should have received a uniform within a year from the date that the report was run. This report can help you as you verify that the cadets received their uniforms or alert you to those who have not. Also, use this report to account for the uniforms as required (see CAPR 174-1 for details). File these reports in the "Pt II” of the Property File.

Questions? Contact NHQ CAP/LGS at 334.953.2945 or