How do I obtain or renew or obtain a CAP Driver License?

  1. Complete and print the FLWG Form 3, sign it and have it approved and signed by your Commander. The FLWGF 3 will be found in FLWG Publications. Click on this link to go to FLWG Publications for the Form 3.
  2. Attach a copy of the front and back of your driver’s license.
    Obtain from DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) a three year history of your driving record.
  3. Forward the FLWG From 3, copy of your driver's license & three year driving history to the FLWG Licensing officer Major Tec Thomas at . It is requested that the documents be converted to pdf prior to transmission.
  4. Upon receipt, and approval, the FLWG Licensing Officer will enter your information into the National Qualification license database.
    You will be notified by email that your license is active and that you should them print a new 101 card which will show your driver qualifications, this will serve as your operator license for CAP vehicles.

For renewals, the procedures are the same.

There exist no way that we can convert the old Florida Wing Driver Licenses FLWGF 75 to the new system. If you wish, you must follow steps 1 through 4 to have your drive qualification appear on your CAPF 101.

Who can use a corporate vehicle (COV)?

The simple answer is that only qualified CAP members may operate corporate vehicles. Air Force personnel must have special permission from the FLWG CC to operate a CAP vehicle.

How do I submit the monthly Vehicle Status Report (CAPF 73)?

Every Unit Assigned A Vehicle Must Report The Usage Monthly.
How Do I Report The Monthly Vehicle Usage? First, you must contact the FLWG LG at: and request access to the utility.  Once you receive the system generated email notifying you that you have been granted read and write permissions, use your CAPID and Password to enter e-services and select the vehicle usage reporting utility.  For the unit, select FL-001 on the data entry side of the screen (left side of the page). You will then need to select the vehicle Field ID which is a 5 digit number starting with 0.  You will also enter the month you want to report and the year.  The window will open and you will take the usage data from the CAPF-73 on the left and enter it into the appropriate windows.  You will also enter the ending miles.  Please check your work, make sure you are reporting the proper vehicle month and year.  If you already have the appropriate permissions, you can launch the utility all you have to do is: Click Here
In addition to the monthly on-line report stated above, it is the responsibility of the Vehicle Custodian to maintain a copy of each month's CAPF-73 for 1 years plus the current year and to email a copy of the CAPF-73 to the FLWG Transportation Officer at: or no later than 1800 hrs. on the fifth day of the month following the month being reported.
Failure to report a vehicle by the above deadline can result in the vehicle being re-deployed to another unit.  Please see FLWG Supplement, CAPR-77-1
Where do I obtain a CAPF-73? Click Here


How long must CAPF 73 be maintain in the log book?

We need to have the past years plus the current years CAPF 73s in the vehicle logbook. There is no need to maintain CAPF73s beyond the previous year. i.e. you do not need to have any 73s in 2012 or older. The may be destroyed. This is now 2014 and you should have all the 73s for 2014 plus 2013. Remove and destroy all others.

How do I get repair and or maintenance done on a COV?

  1. Contact the FLWG LG at: (239) 848-6341 prior to getting ALL corporate vehicle repairs and or maintenance to include EMERGENCY REPAIRS. This number is a Cell Phone and is turned on 24/7.
  2. All scheduled maintenance is outlined in Attachment #1, CAPR 77-1.
  3. Provide the FLWG LG with an printed estimate outlining the repairs or maintenance required.
  4. The FLWG LG will usually authorize the repair/service via telephone, based upon the cost of the repair/service.
  5. When the repair/service has been completed, have the Manager of the repair shop contact the FLWG LG by telephone and the bill will be paid.  The FLWG LG will provide instructions to the vendor on what documents are necessary to be faxed to: (239) 772-5930 or emailed to
  6. CAPR 77-1 requires that a copy of all receipts for scheduled maintenance be maintained in the Vehicle Log Book. This is in addition to the requirement to provide the FLWG LG the copies needed for payment/reimbursement.
  7. In all cases make sure you present the Sales Tax Exemption Certificate contained in your vehicle Log Book.
  8. We have preferred vendors who give FLWG Fleet Pricing.  They are Tire Kingdom, Tires Plus Pep Boys and Firestone.  Factory warranty repairs are conducted at an authorized dealership based upon the manufacturer of your vehicle.  Copies of the work-order must be emailed to the FLWG LG and a copy should be maintained in your vehicle log book for inspection.

How long do I need to maintain logistics files?

All Units below Wing must maintain accountability of their assigned equipment using the Operational Resource Management System (ORMS)
ORMS is for the most part a paperless process of accounting for all of the Aircraft, Vehicles, Communications Gear, Equipment and Electronics.
The new regulation, CAPR 174-1 changes the way we will do business now and in the future. 
All Transfers, Issues, Retirements, Assignments are now done in ORMS.
To obtain reports, please follow the steps below.
  1. Go To e-Services
  2. Click Link to ORMS
  3. Click Reports
  4. Select and Click the report you are looking for
  5. Click Old S-3
  6. Enter Unit
  7. Print Report 

It should be noted that in accordance with CAPR 174-1, individuals can be held financially accountable for the loss or damage of CAP Equipment.

Each year, starting on 1 October and ending on 31 December the entire FLWG will conduct a 100% inventory.  Those individuals who received equipment as an individual issue will be asked to Re-Validate their equipment.  Group CC's and Squadron CC's will be required to conduct an Inventory of all equipment the CC has accepted, but not issued to a member.  Please contact Major Marie Berninger at: for specific instructions.

Should you loose control or damage any CAP property, it must be reported in ORMS within 7 days of the loss/damage.  Please consult Major Berninger for specific instructions.

Where do I got to get and individual issue (Temporary Hand Receipt) CAP Form 37?

  1. Access e-services
  2. Open ORMS
  3. Click on equipment
  4. Click "PRINT MY FORM 37"

How do I transfer equipment other than radios installed in vehicles?

  1. FLWG LG Performs Individual Issues Of Equipment From Wing Hq To Flwg Staff
  2. FLWG LG Performs Issues To Groups And Squadrons
  3. Only FLWG LG can enter new equipment into ORMS
  4. Only FLWG LG can retire equipment in ORMS 
  5. Group and Squadron CC’s can issue equipment Group staff and squadrons. The Liability Transfers to the Individual when he/she accepts it in ORMS.


  1. Organizational Resource Management System (ORMS) replaced CATS on January 11, 2010. No equipment can be physically relocated without making the proper entries in ORMS.  Consult with the FLWG LG or DLG to obtain assistance with all of your transaction requirements until you feel comfortable with the process.
  2. Any equipment discovered missing must be reported in ORMS by changing the CONDITION code and then click UPDATE.  When you select MISSING, the system will initiate a Report of Survey (ROS) and an Investigating Officer (IC) will automatically be assigned by the FLWG CC.