Trailer and Generator Maintenance

DRAFT Trailer and Generator Maintenance

Maintenance of Trailers and Generators

1.PURPOSE: To establish policies and provide guidance for maintenance of trailers and generators in Florida Wing (FLWG).

2.JUSTIFICATION: Trailers and generators must be maintained so that they will be ready for use, when needed.

3.CUSTODIANS: Each trailer and generator is to be assigned a custodian who will be responsible to ensure that maintenance is preformed on the item and reports are made, as prescribed.

a. A custodian shall be appointed by the functional FLWG Staff section or unit that has responsibility and/or use of the item. At the present time, most of the trailers except for the communications trailers are under the control of FLWG Operations. The communications trailers are the responsibility of FLWG Communications.

b. CUSTODIAN’S RESPONSIBILITIES: The custodian will be responsible for keeping their operating section and FLWG Logistics informed of the location and serviceability of the item.

c. FLWG Logistics will send out reminders to the custodians when maintenance services are due. It is FLWG policy that all trailers and generators will have preventive maintenance conducted on a quarterly basis. The maintenance reminders will be published on the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th months of the year.

d. Trailers:

i. Tires – Check tire condition and pressure.

ii. Electrical System – Hookup trailer to vehicle and ensure that tail light, break lights & turn signals are functional.

iii. Check the frame of the trailer for rust and correct as necessary.

iv. Enclosed trailers – Open and check inside to verify that everything is in proper condition and allowed to air out.

v. Make sure that the keys to access enclosed trailers and towing ball socket locks are readily available and listed in the Remarks Section for the vehicle in ORMS.

vi. While there is no logbooks for trailers the proper tag decal must be displayed on the license plate and the registration is to be displayed in a prominent location in the interior of the trailer.

e. Generators:

i. Generators are to be run on a quarterly basis. If possible, they should be operated under load. The run time is to be no less than 15 minutes. If fuel remains in take after operation the fuel valve is to be turned off and the generator will be allowed to consume fuel remaining in line. Once the generator has quite running turn the On/Off switch to the "Off” position.

ii. Check hoses for dry rot.

iii. If fuel is left in the generator ensure that fuel stabilizer has been added. This also applies to fuel cans that may have fuel in them.

iv. After 120 hours of operation spark plug and air filter are to be replaced. Spare spark plug and air filter should be maintained with the generator.

4.REPORTING PROCEDURES: Upon completion of maintenance checks, the custodian will report via email to their functional section and FLWG Logistics: the location of the equipment and its’ serviceability. FLWG will maintain a record of maintenance services.

REFERENCE: Para 6-1, CAPR 77-1 and Attachment 5 – Important Health Notices FEMA- sourced Trailers.