Florida Wing Public Affairs Academy

 2016 Florida Wing Public Affairs Academy
March 5-6, 2016
 Orlando Police Department Training Facility
100 N Andes Ave Orlando, Florida 32807



    Registration is a 2-step process


The 2016 Florida Wing Public Affairs Academy is scheduled 5-6 March in Orlando, Florida. Topics include: Social Media (Basic & Advanced course), media release formats; target messaging; interviews; emerging media; web content optimization; media relations; project management; and more. Participants will learn through active participation in exercises designed to develop the skills necessary to perform job related duties.

In addition to the 14-hours of classroom training, academy planners have organized social gatherings to allow participants to network with other members.

These informal sessions are a great way to exchange ideas and develop relationships that serve as an important resource in your CAP career.

Cost: $15- Includes refreshments and a catered lunch on Sunday. Saturday lunch will be at your choice of nearby restaurants.

Registration Deadline:  February 15, 2016


Who: All CAP members interested in developing public relations skills.


What: 2016 Florida Wing Public Affairs Academy.


When: 5-6 March, 2016, Saturday 0800-1700, Sunday 0800-1400.


Where: Orlando Police Department Training Facility-100 N Andes Ave Orlando, Florida 32807 (on the grounds of Orlando Executive Airport)


Why: To give members the skills and knowledge needed to bring increased awareness of CAP in their communities. This course will also satisfy the training requirements for the PAO specialty track ratings.

Accommodations: $59/night 2 double bed room

Hotel is sold out! Participants are welcome to make their own arrangements at any of Orlando's many available hotels.  The course is not held at the hotel, so staying at a different location will not take away from your experience.  

Ramada International Drive- Convention Center
8342 Jamaican Court
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 363-1944
Group name:  Civil Air Patrol
Nights:  Friday, March 4 and Saturday, March 5
Group rates are also available for 3 days prior to and after the above listed dates should you like to visit the Orlando attractions
NOTE:  Deadline to make hotel reservations at group rate is February 20th!  Normal rate is considerably more so book ASAP and don't miss out!

Social Activities

Senior Members will have a dutch-treat social gathering at a nearby venue Friday evening and a sit-down dinner Saturday night.
Cadets will have an outing for dinner Friday evening and a trip to Downtown Disney Saturday night.
Stay tuned to this page for more information as the planning for the 2016 Florida Wing Public Affairs Academy continues!  Contact Capt. Lahnen at tylerlahnen@flwg.gov with any questions. 
Operations Order




4040 Crossfield Way. Lakeland, FL, 33811


14 September 2015





1. Activity. Florida Wing Public Affairs Academy, 5-6 March, 2016, Orlando, FL.

Saturday, 5 March, 0800-1700

Sunday, 6 March, 0800-1400


2. Purpose. To develop, enhance and reinforce the basic skill set of squadron and group Public Affairs

Officer’s, unit commanders, and all interested in furthering the Florida Wing Public Affairs program, and to meet the annual training requirement set forth in CAPR 190-1


3. Course Description.

a. This course intends to provide basic skills for the implementation of subordinate-unit public affairs program, as well as reinforce those abilities among experienced public affairs officers.

b. It is intended as a hands-on workshop in which participation is required by every attendee.

c. Students will select a basic or advanced level social media course during registration.


4. Registration and enrollment.

a. There will be no more than 75 seats available.

1. While enrollment will be open to all CAP members, preference and first priority will be given to members appointed as flight, squadron and group public affairs officers and/or commanders in Florida Wing.

2. Second priority will be to Florida Wing senior members enrolled in the public affairs specialty track and to cadets with a history of involvement in public affairs.

3. Applications from CAP members outside of Florida Wing will be approved on a space-available basis.

b. Registration will begin with the publishing of this order and public announcement, and will end 27 February 2016.

c. Registration will be conducted via the constant contact online payment system.

d.An online survey form will be utilized to collect general information about the participant.Completion of survey is mandatory.

e. Registration information is subject to change. Current information will be posted on the event website and should be considered current and official. http://www.flwg.us/organization/support/public-affairs/activity-pages/florida-wing-public-affairs-academy.aspx


5. Prerequisites and requirements.

a. Senior members must have Level 1 completed.

b. Cadets must have earned the curry award and have their squadron commander’s permission.

c. All members must have their current CAP membership card and be safety current.

d. All members must carry a current CAPF 160 & 161.

e. There will be advance work assigned to participants, which will be due before the event and

available during the seminar.


6. Location.

a. The event will be held at the City of Orlando Emergency Operations Center. Directions will be provided upon class selection.

b. The location is subject to change due to EOC activation or other unforeseen circumstances. The backup location, if necessary, will be the Central Florida Composite Squadron building on the grounds of Orlando Executive Airport.


7. Responsible personnel. Personnel responsible for this event include:

a. Course Director: Capt. Ty Lahnen, FLWG/A6PA

b. Safety Officer: Capt. Christina English

c. Admin/Finance Officer: Capt. Christina English

d. C/OIC: C/Maj. Antoinette Barns

e. Instructor Cadre:

1.Capt. Wayne Hooks

2.Capt. Ernie Lee

3.1st Lt. Caitlyn Reynolds

4.1st Lt. Elena Lee

5.FO Andrea Slouha


8. Schedule.

a. The workshop will include 14 hours of classroom instruction. Saturday, 8 September 0800-1700, and Sunday, 9 September 0800-1400.

b. Participants must arrive at 0730 to sign in and hear the safety briefing each morning.

c. There will be a break for lunch and short breaks throughout the day.

d. Certificates of completion will be presented at the end of the event, as documentation of attendance and completion.


9. Meals.Meals will be the responsibility of each member, and options include several nearby establishments and/or ordering delivery.


10. Transportation.

a. There is no funding from HQ FLWG for student transportation, nor reimbursement.

b. Individual members will be responsible for their own mobility, though carpooling is encouraged.

c. Subordinate units may make arrangements for transportation according to their need.

d. Course staff will receive reimbursement for transportation expenses out of the Public Affairs Activity budget (see finance section below.)


11. Billeting. Lodging will be available at a group rate of $59/night at the Ramada International Drive. Members will make and pay for their own reservations using the group code "Civil Air Patrol.”


12. Equipment.

a. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring photography equipment and laptop computers.

b. Audiovisual equipment required in the course of teaching is available on-site.

c. Participants are responsible for providing basic equipment, including pens, pencils, and writing paper.


13. Uniform of the Day.

a. The uniform of the day will be Air Force-style short sleeve blues or the CAP equivalent (aviator uniform).

b. The BDU, flight suit, or other task-related uniforms will not be worn.

c. All members will be in compliance with CAPM 39-1 and this order, to include grooming standards.

d. Members must be in complete uniform.

e. Members not owning an approved uniform listed above may wear the blue CAP polo/gray slacks uniform or appropriate business casual attire.


14. Other stipulations.

a. Cadets are responsible for providing their own Senior Member escorts.

b. Any Senior Member escorting cadets maintains responsibility for said cadets for the entire duration of this activity, including transportation to and from, and overnight.

c. This is not a cadet activity, however cadets are welcome to attend. Cadet’s squadron commander is responsible for ensuring cadet has escort IAW CPPT regulations.


15. Safety. Safety of personnel and all assets – CAP and public – will be the number one priority.

a. A safety/ORM briefing will be conducted by the activity’s safety officer, project officer or lead

faculty member.

1. It will present potential hazards, and focus on the day’s events and locations.

2. Additional safety briefings will be given before any activity where additional hazards are expected.

b. The activity’s lead faculty member, project officer and safety officer will have completed

intermediate-level ORM.

c. All members will be current in their safety training. Members who are not current will not be allowed to participate. Individual unit commanders are responsible for ensuring their members are current and authorized to participate in CAP activities.

d. Both activity commander and activity safety officer will have quick and easy access to the most current safety pyramid and understand how to use it.

e. Any mishap will be immediately reported IAW CAPR 62-2, Florida Wing Supplement 1, and will also be reported to the Group 2 safety officer, after following directives from higher headquarters.

f. Posting of this order is acknowledgment that this reporting responsibility is understood and will be IAW all applicable directives.


16. Prohibited items and practices.

a. Members will not have any firearms nor any items considered as weapons in their possession.

b. Members who violate CAP regulations or disobey orders will be dismissed from the activity.


17. Finance. The total budget for this event is $1,500. Funding will be from the FY2016 Public Affairs Activities budget.


18. Contingencies:Any matter that may arise that is not covered by this order is subject to CAP regulations and the decisions of the activity’s responsible personnel, in that order.